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Air Handling Unit (2,000CMH~50,000CMH)

  • W05A Series

  • Withair®

  • 8415909090


Product Overview

—— Product Description ——

Withair® offers a full range of air handling equipment and systems to meet your performance requirements. From 1500 cfm to the highly flexible 60,000cfm with numerous custom options,multi-static pressure choice,compact structure,humidifier, perfect cooling and heating performance, optional with air valve,water baffle and etc, tt can be applied for shopping mall,hotel,office building ,show fair and other comfortable areas. to a completely custom, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible system, Withair® has the optimal solution for commercial, industrial, institutional or process applications. All Withair® AHUs are designed to be energy-efficient, with several energy recovery options available to minimize energy consumption. we also offers several dehumidification options.

The cabinet adopts a high pressure foaming polyurethane. the newly patent design of concave and convex chamfer  combined the joint type forced seal PVC border with steel plate inside and outside by the high density polyurethane foam to be into a whole unit, which ensuring its prefect sealing performance and the strength,even without the sealing strip when connecting plates,

meanwhile it is effectively protected from cold bridge.

All the case board assembled is the outside framework of the unit, all the connection of the steel  plate  become the inside framework of the unit,  so the double framework structure enhances the whole strength of the unit.

Withair® air handers struction.png

—— The Key Advantages Include —— 

● Patent Structure, Excellent Quality 

The cabinet adopts a high pressure foaming polyurethane. The newly patent design of concave and convex chamfer combined the joint type  forced seal  PVC border with steel plate  inside and outside by the high density polyurethane foam to be into a whole unit, which ensuring its  prefect sealing performance and the strength,even without the sealing strip when connecting

plates.meanwhile the unit has equipped with good sealing performance of access door,effectively protected from cold bridge and leakage.

● Inner Neat, suitable for purification

The patented structure ensure the inner surface of all units smooth and neat, far away from dust, without secondary pollution. 

● Appearance Beautiful, Modelling Fluent

The outdoor plate adopts excellent color steel plate, with high anti-corrosion and surface filming, avoiding any damage on surface  when transporting and assembling. all the right angle assembled into arc structure, appearance clear and fluent.

● Dismounting lively, More convenient and fast

All the cabinet can be dismounted lively at site, without any influence on the sealing and strength performance, even after multi-dismounting.whole unit or parts transportation optional.  

● Intelligent controlling, High efficient

We can offer a professional A/C Auto-controlling solutions as per  the require from clients, ensuring each unit’s working efficiently, reliably.

● Professional technology, Excellent performance 

All the coils pipe use special pure cooper and hydrophilic fin, which used in chiller, all the pipes precessed by expanded, ensuring its  best performance and higher heating exchange rate.  

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Packaging & Transportation

W i thAir ® pr ovide s two styles package for different transporation modes:
(1).  St andard package(free of charge): AHU is wrapped with plastic film, which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;
 Withair AHU package 1Withair AHU package 2
(2). Special pac kage(extra charge): heat pump is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation; 
                   Withair AHU package 4
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