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High Temperature Heat Pumps

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Ultra-high Temperature Heat Pump - Sustainability, Efficient and Energy Saving

Withair flexible high temperature outlet hot water temperature can set from 55℃~90℃ as user requirement, so it is widely using home radiator heating by 65℃, 75℃,85℃ up to 90℃ hot water for industry heating use --like a factory, textile, printing, and dying, military industry, steam line, ironing, explosive, medicine high-temperature sterilization line, oil drilling and so on. Suitable for high temperature hot water project and cold area heating project.

The scope of application: high temperature heat pump water heater can meet the heating demand of agricultural and sideline products processing industry, beverage processing industry, electroplating dyeing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, drying industry, disinfection, oil drilling and so on.