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Heat Recovery Chillers

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Economic and environmental protection and energy savings

Whether striving to minimize the operating costs of a facility or reducing the building’s carbon footprint, heat reclaim from the chilled water system is entirely possible and practical. In applications from hotels to hospitals, casinos or universities, for service water heating to building heating, pool heating or preheating domestic water sources, heat reclaim is not only possible but also potentially a very efficient means to reduce energy costs and consumption.

Buildings are responsible for 40 percent of total energy consumption. Of the energy consumed in commercial buildings, 43 percent is used for space and water heating. If a more efficient means of providing heat could be implemented it would represent a tremendous opportunity to reduce energy consumption in buildings and thus reduce total energy consumption. There is a more efficient means of generating hot water through the application of chiller systems with heat reclaim capabilities. Withair® chillers with heat reclaim capabilities can do just that; produce chilled water controlled to the necessary temperature while generating hot water as a by-product of the chilled water system.

How It Works

During cooling only operation, the chiller produces a controlled source of chilled water leaving the evaporator while dissipating heat through the condenser and ultimately to the environment. When there is a simultaneous need for chilled water and hot water, these chillers have the capability to operate in heat recovery mode. The reclaimed heat can be redirected for various heating applications, which saves energy while maintaining conditions.

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