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Greenhouse Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning system for Greenhouses, such as: Mushroom,Vegetables,Fruits Cold Storage,Flower etc.

Rightly according to this demand of modern agricultural development, Withair® put forward geothermal air-conditioning system which is widely applied in scaled agriculture, meeting the need of all-year-round, all-day and off-season producing.

 Using underground water or underground pipe,air-conditioning  system apply shallow ground heat energy in modern planting.For the steady performance,reliability and low operating cost, it is greatly reputed by customers. Using groundwater, with the simulated designing concept of independent double system, quartic system and other multi-system, Withair® geothermal Agricultural Artifical Environment Air Conditioning system fully takes the demand for temperature, humidity and percentage of CO2 of Agricultural’s growth into consideration. The air temperature,humidity and content of CO2 is real-time supervised. Via modifying the operating frequency of fan unit,fresh air can be offered, thus to reach the excellent load match.