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Withair® is committed to providing the highest value products and services to our clients. as part of this commitment, we conform to strict quality control procedures globally based on ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.our goal is to exceed the quality requirements set by our clients.

Withair® differentiators include our accreditations, licenses and certifications:
Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC) - View Certificate
Utility Model Patent Certificate - View Certificate
CE Certification - View Certificate
 ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Certifications - View Certificate
China Certificate For Energy Conservation Product - View Certificate

Our quality commitment is met through implementation of the following general objectives:
Thoroughly understand and meet customer's requirements and those of relevant regulatory authorities.
Abide by all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
Use only reliable, properly maintained and accurate equipment.
Apply appropriate testing standards and methods.
Employ fully trained specialized staff.
Keep abreast of changes in standards and available methods.
Participate in regular independent performance audits.
Provide authority and resources for initiation and assessment of corrective actions

Basic unit shall be rated in accordance with ISO/ASHRAE Standards,all units shall be factory tested under normal operating conditions at nominal water flow rates to assure proper operation of all components and safety devices.

To this end, we have designated a Quality Leadership group that has the authority and resources to implement and maintain this quality plan. they will ensure that we operate under this plan at all times, at all levels of the organization, and at all locations where we perform work.

All Withair® equipment is sold pursuant to its standard terms and conditions of sale, including limited product warranty.

Consult your local Withair®applied representative for warranty details.

All Withair® products manufactured in an ISO Certified Facility.

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