We heat, cool and improve energy efficiency by   offering heat pumps, chillers and clean energy technology
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Withair® strive for mutual success. We are successful when we offer our customers more value. This is why we deliver quality products & services in everything we do. This mission, our vision, values and the code of conduct guide and accompany us on our way to the top.

Mission – Who we are and what we want

"Being Industriy leader is an obligation and is a source of motivation"

Withair® is a leader in the development, production and marketing of heating & cooling solutions. Heat pumps, chillers and clean energy technology make up our core business.

Basically, Withair® 
We breathe therefore we are: air is life. our task is to create advanced systems that take air back to its original purity, making it available to the general public in its ideal state.

Well being starts with Withair® 
Withair® systems have been designed to guarantee total comfort in all interior spaces, from the smallest apartment to the largest shopping mall & industrial use. Integrated units that guarantee low-energy consumption, work silently to control the temperature, humidity and atmospheric composition and keep them all constantly at the optimal level.

Surroundings are revitalized. psycho-physical well-being increases, the quality of life improves.


Vision - How can we do better

Withair® focus on to be a reliable partner to create maximal surplus value and comfort for customers by offering complete range of products and services and creat most comfortable and efficient built environment. We aslo offer and cover complete range of services of most advanced energy-saving solutions in the build environment based on energy efficient architecture, Heating, Ventilation,Air conditioning and Refrigeration. 

Values - What makes us successful

Withair® offer our customers surplus value that they expect and more than others can offer. We can achieve this by delivering quality products and superior solutions & services.

We must also offer operational excellence and three key aspects: Trust, Sharing and Credibility.


Code of Conduct

Withair®’s mission statement conveys the company’s key guiding principles and fundamental values. Since each employee helps shape the Withair corporate culture, it is imperative that every one of them understands and embraces his or her personal responsibility.
Withair® is determined to manage its business in compliance with high ethical standards and applicable law. Employees shall act accordingly. This attitude is not only vital to preserve

elimo’s good reputation and to prevent possible sanctions under civil or criminal law, but also reflects Withair’s values.

What we want to Offer our Customers

Customer Value

Added value for our customers is the measure of our success. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the higher customer benefits of our products and services.

Why we’re always there in the lead

Perfect Solutions

We help our customers by offering efficient and secure system solutions providing more comfort, ease of installation, energy-saving and maintenance. We are continually investing in innovation so that we can develop superior solutions.

How we ensure our peak performance

Management Excellence

Management Excellence ensures that the products we deliver are top-quality, extremely reliable and competitively priced. Quality, deadlines and costs are our priorities.

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