We heat, cool and improve energy efficiency by   offering heat pumps, chillers and clean energy technology
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Withair Group (China) Limited
Withair (Nanjing) Industries Co.,Ltd
Factory A: No.6 Lukou Chuangzhi Industrial Park, Nanjing,China,211113
Factory B: No.9 Dongshan Bridge Industrial Park, Nanjing,China,211153
Tel:  +86 25 86696286 
Mob:  +86 139 1592 8183
E-mail:  info@withair.cn
Website: www.withair.cn 

Sales Department
Mr.Jed Ji, Marketing Director 
E-mail: jed@withair.cn 

R & D Center 
Mr.David Liu, Director 
E-mail: info@withair.cn

Manufacturing Department 
Mr.Shijian Zhang, Director 
E-mail: info@withair.cn 

Quality Control Center
Mr.Flyer Jia, Manager 
Email: info@withair.cn 

Engineering Department
Mr.Shun Gao, Manager 
E-mail: info@withair.cn

Service Department
Mr.Peng Fei, Manager 
E-mail: info@withair.cn
Financial Department
Ms.Serena Zhang, CFO 
E-mail: info@withair.cn 

Legal Department 
Ms.Kayla, Manager 
E-mail: info@withair.cn

HR Department 
Ms.You Xin, Director 
E-mail: info@withair.cn  
Working Hours: 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM  Monday ~ Friday