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Water-Cooled Chillers

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Cut energy consumption and emissions by Withair® Chilled Water Systems

Withair® offers complete, factory-assembled screw and scroll compressor water cooled chiller that offer ease of installation with wiring and microprocessor controllers providing maximum operating efficiency. Withair® compact chillers install easily and quickly into most building layouts, making them ideal choices for retrofit or new building designs.

Withair® Water-cooled Chiller Solutions help meet your efficiency needs with the wider variety of water-cooled industrial and commercial chillers on the market. From reducing your facility’s carbon footprint, to cutting operating costs, our energy-efficient chillers are tailored to fit almost any application. Energy-efficient Solutions For Ultimate Performance !

Withair® Water-cooled, Variable-speed Screw Chiller was designed for efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and peace-of-mind.

BETTER EFFICIENT: Withair® water-cooled chillers are designed and engineered for maximum efficiency.

VERSATILE: Withair® offer the industry's widest operating range for various applications.

SUSTAINABLE: Withair® energy-efficient chillers result in low total direct and indirect emissions for a healthier earth.

Unique features: 

A. Industry-leading design, and off-design efficiencies, designed to fit through standard 3-foot doors for ease of installation.

B. Variable-speed drive, high head capability, hybrid falling film evaporator, heat pump to 150°F (66°C), equipped with Smart Connected Chillers.

C. Fully optimized, widest operating map, variable-speed drive, falling film evaporator, heat recovery capability, quick-start, longest life expectancy, easily retrofitted.

Ideal applications: Comfort cooling, industrial process cooling, glycol chilling, facilities with sustainability goals, data centers, heat pumps, facilities requiring low sound levels, heat recovery sites, district cooling, process/industrial cooling, building expansions, ideal for large scope district heating and cooling, industrial process cooling and heating.