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Withair® Provides Standardized and Customized Products
Withair’s extensive and continually expanding line of products has earned the Company a well-deserved reputation for excellence and innovation. Withair is ISO9001 certified, and strictly adheres to these quality standards - as well as to its own rigorous project management procedures. Designed with the serviceman in mind, Withair’s products and solutions offer a level of quality, durability, ease-of-installation, and environmental safety unsurpassed in today’s market.
When the Company’s existing shelf products do not precisely meet a customer’s needs, we designs, manufactures, and delivers tailored solutions in rapid response to individual requirements - on time and within budget. And, when customized solutions are not enough, Withair® utilizes the abundant resourcefulness and ingenuity of its engineering team to create elegant on-site solutions … for every environment, climate, and location.

At Withair®, we customize your special needs with custom solutions, matching the different installations requests and different working conditions.
WithAir® Custom Center

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                           Withair® has a product solution to suit most people's needs, and if you cant find a suitable standard product here,we can't customize
                    an existing design or come up with a new one.

                  No.1 Personalized custom, 100% fit your needs 
  We accept a variety of drawings to sample custom, you only need to send pictures and specific functional requirements;
                         Our expert engineers will give a reply in the first time, and provide you with unique product customization solution;

                    No.2 Fast supply system, the efficiency of the industry leader 
  Our products using modular design, according to the needs of customers free combination of installation;
                         According to conventional models, more goods in stock, as the world one, the day of shipment on time, leading to at least 30%;

                    No.3 Professional engineers, 24 hours online response 
  For the sale of products, its own expert engineers team, free to guide the installation and use of products, the package will be;
                         The implementation of 7*24 hours online response, 30 minutes to answer customer technical problems, to solve the problem asap;

                    No.4 Authority after sales, quality issues for a full refund 
  We promise that the sale of products manufactured pass rate of more than 99%, low the failure rate;
                         Within three months after receipt, as confirmed the defects of products, accept full refunds, never to allow customers to bear the addtional loss;

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