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Modular Air-cooled Inverter Chiller

  • W02C1 Series

  • Withair® / OEM brand as option

  • 8418612090

  • 72.0 ÷ 160.0 kW / 20.0 ÷ 45.0 Tons

  • 3.4 EER

  • Compressor - 5 year limited ; Other parts - 2 year limited

  • R410A, R407C,R22 as option

  • Scroll type; HITACHI, Daikin, Panasonic, MITSUBISHI,Copeland

  • 0-25-50-75-100%

  • High efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger

  • High efficiency Hydrophilic aluminum finned copper pipe heat exchanger

  • Commercial Use, Industrial Use

  • 380V/3Ph/50Hz (400V/415V/3Ph/50Hz, 230V/380V/460V/3Ph/60Hz as option)

  • Withair® Big Size Modular Air Cooled Inverter Scroll Chillers Catalogue (2021 Version).pdf


Product Overview

R410A Modular Air-cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller

Withair's a new generation of Modular Air-cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller is designed to meet demanding environmental requirements, both today and tomorrow. In an effort to reduce the energy consumed by cooling and heating, Withair ® has developed the Modular Inverter Scroll Chiller by leveraging the latest inverter compressor technology. Its exceptional efficiency at both full load and part load set new benchmarks for the industry, making the new inverter chiller stand out as the premium solution for small-to-medium size commercial and industrial applications.


EER up to 3.40, IPLV 6.5

Stable power factor 0.95

±0.5°C Temp Control


Easy Installation

Easy Layout

Easy Operation

Easy Maintenance


Inverter Technology

Down to 68dBA at full load

Extra - 5dBA at part load


5.5” touch screen display

6 steps VFD control

10+ control protection


High Quality Compressor

Low Inrush Current

Superior redundancy



As a HVAC system can use 40-45% of a building’s annual energy consumption, choosing the right chiller can significantly reduce energy cost and help users save their operational budgets. Thanks to Hitachi’s latest inverter compressor technology, the new generation of inverter chiller provides best-in class efficiency. Its full load efficiency goes up to 3.28, which far exceeds the ASHRAE90.1 building energy standard. Meanwhile, its part load efficiency is as high as 6.0, which adds up to an average annual energy savings of 15- 25%, compared to traditional air-cooled chillers.

DC Inverter Scroll Compressor

Withair has accumulated rich experience in the design and production of leading scroll compressors, especially in the field of HVAC applications. The new generation of DC inverter chiller uses the proven design of the direct current (DC) inverter compressor, which embraces all of the design features driven for exceptional efficiency all year around. The inverter compressors deliver stepless capacity control from 25% to 100%, allowing precise capacity matching for building loads and reducing unit power input, thus providing significant energy consumption savings for the customer.


Energy Saving At Low Load

Withairs Stepless Capacity control

Fix Speed: ON/OFF Capacity Control                          Variable Speed: Stepless Capacity control

The Variable Speed Driver

The variable speed driver make the utilization of electrical power more efficient, typically it is measured as power factor. The inverter chiller offers an outstanding power factor, as high as 95%. The customer does not need to pay the premium for the additional power factor correction solution to meet minimum utility requirements.

Air Side Heat Exchanger

Air side heat exchanger adopts a coils design in a V shape with open angle, which is optimized by CFD tools for air flow distribution simulation. The design ensures a uniform heat transfer with 30% efficiency improvement. Meanwhile the V shape structure effectively enhances the unit’s structural strength and limits the risk of coil surface damage during the transportation and installation process.

Withairs Air Side Heat Exchanger

EC Fan With Stepless Speed Regulation

The condensate fan employs the EC motor of which the speed is variable between 20%~100% to ensure that condensing pressure is within the range of safe operation under all conditions for longer service life.

Electronic Expansion Device

Electronic expansion device allows dynamic super heating control, which maximizes the utilization of evaporator heat exchange, thus resulting in more efficient full load and part load operation.


Thanks to its modular design type, the inverter chiller offers superior flexibility throughout the product’s life cycle. From design engineer to installer, mechanical and electrical contactor, from end user to service people, almost every stakeholder will get substantial benefits from V series due to its great features in flexibility and practicality, making life easy and simple.

Easy shipment & installation

- The modular design allows easy storage; each module can be transported individually, which enhances mobility and allows convenient installation.

- The system can be expanded by adding modules, which allows multi-phase investment according to each building’s load.

- A quick lead time due to standardized modular design.

Easy layout

- A compact structure saves layout footprint on-site.

- Single modules can be arranged flexibly according to site layout.

Easy operation

- Systematic factory run tests before shipment ensure a trouble free start-up.

- Great system redundancy – if unexpected faults occur in one module, the remaining modules will operate as backup.

Easy maintenance

- When one module is being serviced, the system can still keep in operation, which can minimize downtime for the customer.

- A standardized design for each module ensures availability of parts and a quick response time for replacement.


Nowadays, modern cities demand more stringent sound level requirements than years before. In the real world, chillers run 99% of the time in off-design conditions – thus the sound performance at partial load really counts. The traditional fixed speed chillers address limited reduction in sound level at partial load. While for the DC inverter chiller & heat pump, thanks to the inverter technology, the compressor frequency can be lower down and result in a significant sound reduction, in most case, the expensive sound enclosure are not necessary.

Withairs Stepless Capacity control


Withair is recognized as the market leader for its outstanding reliability. This reputation is built on years of repeated iteration, improvement and research and the highest level of engineering and design development.

DC Inverter Compressor

Withair has built its great reputation for delivering superior products, resulting from years of research and thousands of test hours, including extensive testing under extraordinarily severe operating conditions. The DC inverter chiller & heat pump adopts the latest generation scroll compressor which embraces all the design features that made Withair product such a success in HVAC application.

Low Inrush Current

As DC inverter chiller & heat pump contains variable speed drive for compressors, this avoids shocks to the motors and drives from sudden current surges during start-up. Starting the compressor at low frequency and bringing it up to full speed gradually will reduce stresses. As a result, the low current will bring less heat and help to extend the lifecycle of the motor. Meanwhile, the electronics can be planned based on minimum current capacity, which can reduce the extent of the wiring.

Trouble-Free Start-Up

All DC inverter chillers & heat pumps are given a complete functional test at the factory. This test program checks the sensors, wiring, electrical components and fans. In addition, each compressor is test-run to verify function and performance, ensuring that the chiller arrives at the job site fully tested and ready for operation.


The new generation of DC inverter chiller & heat pump is designed for sustainability. To reduce the direct environmental impact, it employs R410a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), which is recognized as reliable replacement of R22. Meanwhile Withair’s strict manufacturing process and factory tests before shipment ensure a leak-resistant refrigerant system.

Besides, the DC inverter chiller & heat pump makes the customer facility more sustainable in an invisible way: The chiller’s exceptional all year round performance allows the less power consumption with reduced the power plant CO2 emission, which accounts for 80% of global warming potential (GWP) associated with chillers.


Auto-adaptive control combines intelligence with operating simplicity. The control constantly monitors all machine parameters and precisely manages the operation of compressors, expansion devices and fans for maximum energy efficiency.

User-friendly interface

- The standard system controller display features a 4.3” colored touch-screen, allowing access to all operational inputs and outputs.

- Units use intuitive tree-structure menus, permitting quick and easy access to available chiller data, including operating parameters of each master and slave unit: operating mode, water temperatures and set points, outdoor air temperature, set point, compressors operating status and running hours, refrigerant system parameters, etc.

Advanced control function

- The system controller can support up to 16 modules in one system, which can offer a wide system capacity range and give flexibility for capacity extension.

- Unit basic control function including: Unit ON/OFF, user safety interlock, water pump control, operation indication, circuit alarm and alert etc.

- Time of day scheduling allows the customer to perform simple chiller scheduling without the need for an entire automation system for the building. For example, the user can easily specify start up and shut down times in a 7 day time period.

- Free switching between master and slave units to effectively improve system reliability in case a master unit experiences a problem.

Withairs Control Protection

Alarm and diagnostic

- Real time monitoring of the system parameters to ensure the chiller system has a safe and stable operation. The system provides more than 10 units control protection, such as water flow detective, water temperature out of range protection, refrigerant high/ low pressure cutout, compressor reverse/overload, motor overload, anti-freeze protection, etc. The diagnostic history records can be easily visited via the system controller.

Remote control / communication

- Stand-alone controls: the unit control system is equipped with remote start and stop contacts, and users can apply remote switch control according to needs.

- Building automation system (BAS) controls: unit have standard RS-485 communication interface with built-in Modbus communication protocol, which allows networked group control via system integration with BAS.

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Technical Specifications

—— Specifications (Modular Air-cooled Inverter Chiller, Standard Single Unit) ——

Model No.
Cooling modeNominal cooling capacitykW72.3140.7160.6
Input powerkW21.241.547.24
Input currentA37.551.656.2
Cooling capacity rangekW25~8238~15845~179
Input power rangekW8.5~25.212.6~5914.5~61.2
EER rangekW/kW2.2~4.22.3~4.32.3~4.2
Heating modeNominal   heating capacitykW78.1155.2177.1
Input power kW18.236.341.38
Input currentA27.358.663.6
Heating capacity rangekW39.5~86.238~16949~186
Input power rangekW9.2~27.613.1~59.616.2~64.7
COP rangekW/kW2.7~4.52.7~4.52.8~4.6
Circuit No.

 DC inverter compressor /   Variable speed scroll compressor
Capacity control
Water side   heat
High efficiency shell & tube heat exchanger
Water flow ratem3/h11.923.427.5
Pressure dropkPa≤55≤60≤70
Water pipe connectionInch2″4″4″
Max. operating pressureMpa1.01.01.0
Air side   heat
High efficiency grooved copper tubes &   aluminum fins heat exchanger
Air flow ratem3/h25,50048,00048,000
Fan motor type
High efficiency and energy saving axial flow   fan (EC motor)
Fan motor powerkW1.53.03.0
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz380~415V/3P/50Hz (208V380V/460V/575V/3Ph/60Hz as option)
Flow control
Electronic expansion valve
Controller system
LCD inverter controller
Pressure device
Built-in high and low pressure sensor
Chilled water temperature range5℃~20℃
Safe protection device
High/low pressure switch, overload protection, counter clockwise   and short phase protection  (power   phases sequence protection),lack water(water-flow switch),anti-freezing   protection, etc.
Noise leveldB(A)626568
Overall dimensionLength*Width*Heightmm2400 * 1150 * 23002400*2250*23002400*2250*2300
Net weightkg121018802250


1. Nominal cooling operating conditions: entering chilled water temperature 12℃, leaving temperature 7℃; outdoor dry bulb temperature 35℃,wet bulb temperature 24℃.

2. The controllers need to ordered separately, including wire controller, communication line, IOM, temperature sensor and water flow switch.

3. These parameter were tested according to pure water, not include anti-freezing liquid and water pump power.

4. In actual use, the cooling/heating loss should be considered after the installation of the system piping, pumps, valve, dirt, etc. about 6%.

5. For other working conditions or capacity parameters, please contact Withair for cooling ambient condition under 5℃.
6. There will be no further notice if the parameters changes due to product optimization.
7. The units of the same model or different models can be combined freely. Each system can combine up to 16 modules.
8. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to above specifications without prior notice, please refer to the factory configuration when purchasing.


Water   side

Air side

Nominal   operating condition

Operating range

Nominal   operating condition

Operating range

EWT   (℃)

LWT (℃)

EWT   (℃)

LWT (℃)

Dry bulb temperature (℃)

Dry bulb temperature of outdoor (℃)




5 ~ 15

2.5 ~ 8


12 ~ 50

Note: LWT - leaving water temperature, EWT - entering water   temperature

Projects Solutions

● Solution for Hotel : Heat Recovery Air-cooled Water Chiller + FCU + Floor Heating + Fresh Air Unit + Heat Pump Water Heater

Withair® Solution for Hotel Heat Recovery Air-cooled Heat Pump + FCU + Floor Heating + Fresh Air Unit + Heat Pump Water Heater

System Introduction:

In addition to reliably guaranteeing the use of air conditioners, this system can also guarantee 24/7 hot water supply; in the cooling season, users can get free hot water while using air conditioners for cooling; the cooling water system is omitted, and low the initial investment. ; Dual-purpose cooling and heating, no additional heating system is required; different air handling equipment can be configured according to the needs of different functions, such as fan coil units, variable air volume units, fresh air units, air handling units, etc.; modular configuration of the unit, it can realize non-stop maintenance; intelligent control, realizing quasi-linear energy adjustment with load changes, the system does not need a dedicated machine room, so it can release the effective space of the building and realize its economic value.

● Solution for Office Building: Air-cooled Water Chiller + Fan Coil Unit + Fresh Air Unit

Withair® Solution for Office Building Air-cooled Heat Pump + Fan Coil Unit + Fresh Air Unit

System Introduction:

In addition to the reliable protection of the air conditioner, the system eliminates the need for a cooling water system and has a small initial investment; it is dual-purpose for cooling and heating, without the need for additional heating systems; it can be equipped with different air handling equipment, such as fan disks, according to the needs of different functions Tubes, variable air volume units, fresh air units, combined air handlers; the modular configuration of the main engine can realize non-stop maintenance; intelligent control realizes quasi-linear energy adjustment with load changes, so that the system always maintains the highest operating efficiency. The annual operating costs are low. The system does not require a dedicated computer room, so it can release the effective space of the building and realize its economic value.

● Solution for Shopping Mall :  Air-cooled Water Chiller + Air handling Unit + Fresh Air Unit + Variable Air Volume Unit

Withair® Solution for Shopping Mall Air-cooled Heat Pump + Air handling Unit + Fresh Air Unit + Variable Air Volume Unit

System Introduction:

According to the characteristics of large flow of people and high demand for air volume in commercial places, the system adopts variable air volume units with large air volume and air handling unit and modular units configuration, which can realize non-stop maintenance; eliminates the need for cooling water system, and has a small initial investment; dual use of cooling and heating , No need to configure the heating system separately; in addition to ensuring the reliable operation of the system, intelligent control realizes quasi-linear energy adjustment with load changes. It can be easily switched to the mode of fresh air during the transition season, so that the system always maintains the highest operating efficiency. The annual operating costs are low. The system does not require a dedicated computer room, so it can release the effective space of the building and realize its economic value.

● Solution for Amusement Building :  Air-cooled Water Chiller + FCU + AHU + Fresh Air Unit + Heat Pump Water Heater

Withair® Solution for Amusement Building Air-cooled Heat Pump + FCU + AHU + Fresh Air Unit + Heat Pump Water Heater

System Introduction:

In addition to reliably ensuring the use of air conditioners, the system can also guarantee 24 hours of hot water supply for 365 days; the cooling water system is omitted, and the initial investment is small; the heating and cooling systems are dual-purpose, without the need for additional heating systems; the modular units configuration can be realized. The system capacity can also be increased at any time according to the operating conditions if the maintenance is disabled; intelligent control realizes quasi-linear energy adjustment with load changes. The system does not require a dedicated computer room, so it can release the effective space of the building and realize its economic value.

Packaging & Transportation


● 100% test before deliverying products.

● Products catalogue, installation & operation manual will be sent together.

● Tracking number will be sent to customer as soon as we ship the products.

● Item shipped in 25 working days against payment depends on the quantity.

● Four steps of pakacges, plastic film, foam, carton and plywood for stable transporation.

● Ocean shipping, railway shipment and air transportation are acceptable according to customer demand.

Withair® provides two styles package for different transporation modes:

(1). Standard package(free of charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film, which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;

  withair heat pump package_3withair heat pump shipment
(2). Special package(extra charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation;
withair heat pump package_1

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