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Withair's 20RT/30RT/40RT Dedicated heat recovery scroll modular heat pump & chiller on Pharmaceutical and Beverage plants application

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The complete and efficient solution for DHW and air conditioning.

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As well as winter heating and summer air conditioning, the multi-purpose units of the heat pump units are total recovery heat pumps designed to be used in residential or service sector in two-pipe air-conditioning systems in which thermal power for the production of DHW is required.

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Thanks to the advanced technology which characterizes it, not only heat pump is capable of satisfying this request in every season (even when there are not air-conditioning needs) but it also does this in the most efficient and economic way by using the total recovery of condensation heat available during the cooling phase.

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heat pump units are equipped with scroll compressors and, depending on size and version, they are available for single-phase and three-phase supply. The energetic efficiency at partial load is assured by the availability of versions equipped with two compressors connected in parallel that offer a remarkable decrease of the absorbed electrical power when the load to meet is much lower than the maximum one thus allowing to maximize the seasonal efficiency of the system. Being available also in single-phase, combined executions are also effectively usable when high-power is requested without electrical three-phase availability.

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The high quality of the components and the care in the sizing of heat exchangers are combined with a highly-developed management software, creating an extremely wide operating range that allows to conceive heat pump as a single generator for a continuous use in every season.

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The ever-increasing need to reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency of chilled water for air conditioning and hot water for heating and the domestic water supply, combined with the need to make these processes independent of each other and the operating season, finds its full achievement in the new Withair's MULTI-PURPOSE heat pump units.

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The term “multi-purpose” refers to a machine that is capable of complete heat recovery during the summer period (not temporarily reversing the cycle, for the purpose of producing sanitary hot water, with the resulting inevitable losses in efficiency and comfort). Therefore, this is the so-called “4-pipe” unit that must be hydraulically connected to two distinct systems: the first one is for heating and air conditioning the building and the second one is for producing domestic hot water. The multi-purpose heat pump units have been designed to cool and heat water for air conditioning and heating systems and for the production of DHW for residential or commercial use.

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The units are“real”multipurpose units, with 4 water collections, whose operating modes are described below:

1. Cold water production in summertime mode, for the air conditioning system (air condensing system on the finned exchanger)

2. Cold water production in the summertime mode, for the air conditioning system, with TOTAL CONDENSATION HEAT RECOVERY (for the production of DHW by means of a dedicated plate exchanger)

3. Production of hot water in wintertime mode, for the heating system, functioning as a traditional heat pump (air evaporation on the heat exchanger side and water condensation on the dedicated plate heat exchanger on the system side)

4. Domestic hot water production in wintertime mode, temporarily stopping hot water production for air heating purpose (DHW priority)

5. DHW production only (in particular in mid seasons and in summertime and wintertime)

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A Total (100%) Heat Pump is serve as a normal air cooled chiller & heat pump unit and hot water heat pump as well. Total (100%)Heat Recovery heat Pump is capable to produce chilled water and hot water to meet both the cooling and heating demand simultaneously for the air-conditioning system and hot water system.

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The Total (100%) Heat Recovery Heat Pump is designed to cool chilled from 12℃ to 7 ℃ and heat hot water up to 65℃ simultaneously, it consist of compressors, air heat exchanger (condenser coil), two numbers of water side heat exchangers for chilled water and hot water respectively, necessary numbers of electronic expansion valves and intelligent electronic refrigerant flow control and all necessary accessories.

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