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On the application field, Withair® air source heat pump system is used widely.The usage of model, and the personality and close control system, provides the general residential and small industrial, not only save the expenses as much as 80% of hot water, also can form a complete set of users existing solar system and realize the double heat source living hot water supply system;Using idle outdoor space, do not take the interior space of the commercial unit provided in business and industry, such as large shopping centers, hotels, nursing homes, etc., which can realize hot water preheating, heat recovery, etc.;Unit adopts the titanium heat exchanger in the swimming pool is good corrosion inhibition performance, and can also according to the pool size reasonable selecting models.

For better application in the field of multiple, Withair® adopted flexible system module, makes tivok can according to the differences of different customer's demand for energy, through the combination and collocation of different products, for customers to create a set of exclusive our heating system.Withair® air source heat pump heating system has become the choice of many people.

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