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Water source heat pumps from Withair® offer the ultimate in efficiency and sustainability for building comfort

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Withair®  Variable Speed Water Source Heat Pumps Imagine a product that delivers superior comfort and performance while reducing operating cost. Every building should have an HVAC system that delivers maximum comfort and efficiency without compromise. Which is why Withair® maintains a lineup of water-source heat pump systems with a wide variety of configurations and designs to ensure compatibility and performance. Vertical, horizontal, rooftop and console installations are supported, as well as buildings with either three-phase or single-phase electrical service. Regardless of the configuration, every Withair® system is built to provide dependable performance day after day, year after year.

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Withair® achieves higher efficiency, reduced sound, improved indoor air quality and high reliability through variable speed compressor and fan technology.

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Withair’s design incorporates system advantages such as:

• Higher Efficiency

- Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2016 standards for efficiency

- Efficiency increases as the system unloads with EER values up to 40 (ground loop) at part load operation

• Indoor Air Quality

- Foil faced insulation for cleanability

- Cleanable dual sloped non-corrosive drain pan to reduce microbial growth

- Full array of filter options including MERV 8 and MERV 13 

• Comfort

- Variable speed compressor varies the capacity to match the load requirements in the zone

- ECM motor varies supply airflow for superior comfort control

• Integrated Controls

- Fully mounted, wired, programmed and tested controls

• Acoustics

- Insulated compressor enclosure for quiet design

- Variable speed fan and compressor reduce sound levels at lower load conditions

- Advanced Vortica™ fan system uses less energy to produce more airflow with minimal sound

• Reliability

- Part load operation reduces cyclic operation

- Fewer on/off cycles reduce stress of the components

- Every unit is factory run tested in both cooling and heating cycle

• Flexibility

- Units support both boiler/cooling tower and ground source heat exchanger applications

- Supply and return airflow configuration flexibility

- Adjustable supply minimum and maximum airflow settings

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