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The Withair® chiller addresses four primary requirements—efficiency, application flexibility, sustainability, and confidence.

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Withair® Water-cooled Chiller Solutions help meet your building efficiency needs with the widest variety of water-cooled industrial and commercial chillers on the market.  From reducing your facility’s carbon footprint, to cutting operating costs, our energy-efficient chillers are tailored to fit almost any application.

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Building requirements are constantly evolving.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we has developed numerous technological innovations for our Withair® chillers. When some refrigerants were identified as ozone depleters, we adapted our chillers to use compounds that are friendly to the environment. When electricity prices began to escalate, we developed enhanced tubes and variablespeed drives that slashed energy use. And when the industry was looking for ways to recover energy, we developed a full line of heat-recovery chillers.

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To help you meet today’s challenges, we designed the chillers. This cutting-edge design uses a number of engineering advances to address four primary requirements of building owners and designers — efficiency, application flexibility, sustainability, and confidence.

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Why should you pay an economic penalty for being environmentally friendly? Unlike competitive chillers, the Withair®  chiller does not make you choose between saving money and saving the environment.

The Withair® chiller reduces environmental impact in two ways: directly, by managing refrigerant charges and the potential refrigerant leak points; and indirectly, by minimizing power-plant CO2 emissions, which are responsible for 98% of the Global Warming

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Potential associated with chillers.

To reduce the direct effect, the Withair® chiller uses HFC-134a refrigerant, which has no ozone-depletion potential and no phase-out date. We also reduced the number of fitting, joints, and other potential leak points by 35% compared to conventional compressor designs. Plus, our proprietary falling-film evaporator design allows refrigerant charge to be reduced by as much as 30% compared to conventional designs.

The indirect effect is addressed through the superior energy performance of the Withair® chiller, which cuts the energy that the power plant needs to produce and reduces emissions by as much as 30%.

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Like all screw chillers, the Withair®  chiller is capable of handling higher pressure lift than a centrifugal chiller. As a result, a thermal-storage application that requires glycol to be chilled to -10℃(14°F), or a heat recovery or heat-pump application that requires water to be heated to 65℃(150°F), are within the capabilities of the Withair®  chiller.

However, unlike ordinary screw chillers, the Withair®  chiller has the flexibility to handle these high-lift applications with the highest efficiencies available. The difference is its variable-speed drive which constantly tunes the compressor speed to the exact lift and load requirements.

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The remarkable flexibility offered by the variablespeed technology also allows the Withair®  chiller to utilize a wide range of heat-rejection methods: in addition to an open cooling tower, you can also use a closed-circuit cooling tower, a dry cooler, or an adiabatic cooler, all with the peace of mind that the Withair®  chiller is giving you the highest efficiency possible. 

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