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Medium/Low Temperature Water-Cooled Water Chiller

  • 58.2 ÷ 2,261.6 kW / 16.5 ÷ 643.0 Tons

  • 2.5 EER

  • Compressor - 5 year limited ; Other parts - 1 year limited

  • R134a, R407C

  • Screw type; HANBELL, RefComp

  • 0-25-50-75-100% or Continous capacity Control

  • High efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger

  • High efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger

  • 380V/3Ph/50Hz (400V/415V/3Ph/50Hz, 230V/380V/460V/3Ph/60Hz as option)


Product Overview

—— Product Description ——

Withair® is proud to offer an extensive line of water-cooled screw chillers ranging from 33 to 1,000+ tons. The water-cooled screw chillers feature a variety of models and options engineered to fit a wide range of applications. Withair® water-cooled screw chillers are ideal for customers who are focused on high energy efficiency, superior reliability and long equipment life. Withair® products within the unique portfolio are designed to help lower environmental impact with next-generation, low global warming potential refrigerants and high-efficiency operation.


Withair® the medium and low temperature chiller is based on this year's design of low temperature water-cooled chillers by key technicians of this company. It integrates the advanced technology of products in same category, and is a highly effective, energy saving and environment protecting fifth generation chiller designed and developed by this company. The application of advanced technology promotes the product to an international leading status.The equipment can provide -45℃~0℃ medium and low temperatures and a secondary refrigerant that may be applied to any place where there is a demand for varieties of medium and low temperature cold sources. This can assist with the production process of any industry,i.e. pharmaceutical, chemistry, metallurgy, electronic and food, etc., and act as the cold source mainframe of large size refrigerators and ice stadiums.

The heat recovery products can keep water at 50℃~60℃ and play a role of saving energy.

—— The key advantages Include —— 

● Multiple system independent design technology, independent control, non-interference in each other.

● Under the circumstances, each compressor in the refrigeration systems at the minimum load (25%), the startup of the Y- △ for voltage reduction may decrease the start current and have an impact on the electric network.
● Heat recovery technology for waste heat utilization
Through the heat collector technology outfitted in this equipment, it may keep water at 40℃~60℃. Here, based on the requirements of water sources of different water quality levels, the maximum recovery rate reaches over 70% and can save the integrated energy.
● Application of High Effective Refrigeration Compressor
An imported highly-effective semi-hermetic screw compressor economizer shall be adopted. The main features of the compressor are as follows:
* International well-known brand screw refrigeration compressor with American and European patent technology.
* Third generation nonsymmetrical tooth-type screw of the most advanced line with high efficiency of 5:6.
*Semi-hermetic design, where only three moving components are required and small component quantity, low fault rate and easy maintenance are featured as well.
*Grading or continuous energy adjustment may be actualized, which are convenient and flexible in control, and high in energy saving effect.
*The non-spacing multiple thrust bearing and radial bearing, from the well-known companies, SKF and FAG, are precise in structure and high in reliability.
*The double-layer three-dimensional oil separation filer has an excellent effect in oil filtering and may assure the compressor to be at a normal working state and that the heat exchanger is working effectively.
* The pump-free style of inbuilt pressure difference lubricant supply and lubrication system is energy saving, highly effective and reliable.
*The motor, which features a specific fluorine resistance and low iron loss, is equipped with a reliable motor overheating protection device for the assurance of the motor in highly effective and reliable state of working.
*Under the circumstance of low temperature, the liquid cold media spray system and heat pump shall be provided, which may reduce the working load and exhaust emission temperature effectively for key parts. This also improves the reliability of the compressor while in operation. 
● Application of Economizer Technology
By making full use of the screw chiller's functions with interface to the economizer, part of the solution from the condenser may cool most of the rest solution through a throttling and pressure reduction process. This will improve the refrigerating effect of the chiller by increasing the super-cooling temperature as well as improving the volumetric efficiency. It will also improve the efficiency and reliability of the compressor  by a conversion process of the screw chiller from the single grade compression to the second grade compression.
● Functional Components with High Reliability
* Except for two machines made in China, they are all imported and marked with famous brands. These are reliable in quality and last for a long lifetime, i.e. compressor, electric elements and oil separator, etc.
● Flexibility Control System
Adopting Siemens PLC control technology, system running parameters adopts the design of open mode, the user can be adjusted according to the unit operation environment and technological requirements for real-time parameters, achieve the best match between unit output and the actual load, run the economy.
Adopting touch screen man-machine interface operation, Chinese/English show either. Can have: automatic/manual start, on/off function,parameter setting function, running state display function, fault display/record function, parameter record function, total run time records, and other functions, fully meet the market needs of the refrigeration and air conditioning.
● Varieties of Secondary Refrigerants Optional
Mellow type secondary refrigerants, i.e. three-element mixing solution as glycol, water solution and alcohol, (40% of glycol, 40% of water and 20% of alcohol) may be applied upon the request of customers. The evaporator may be developed in accordance with anti-corrosion requirements in design where the cacl2 water solution shall be used as the secondary refrigerant.
● Application of Environmental Protection Refrigerant
The varieties of environmental protection refrigerants HFC404a and HFC507a may be applied for the purpose of satisfying the environment protection requirements of the international community.
● Application of Quadratic Oil Separator
It is necessary for the medium and low temperature chiller to be applied with a high viscidity refrigerating oil (usually between 220~320) for the assurance of maintaining the normal viscidity of the bearing lubricant while in operation. Where the pressure is big, exhaust emission temperature is very high and the load of the bearing is quite large. Once such high viscidity refrigerating oil enters the evaporator, the internal temperature is within a range of -5℃~-40℃, and the viscidity of the lubricant become very high. The lubricant may adhere to the internal
surface of the heat exchanging tube, and form a layer of thick oil film that can cause severe influence over the heat exchanging effect and lead oil missing upon the compressor at ease. That's why a quadratic oil separator is settled between the emission and the condenser of the compressor. This oil separator improves the refrigeration effect and promotes the reliability of the product in operation through minimizing the amount of lubricant that enters the evaporator.
● Application of Solution Spray Technology
Cold media in a liquid state shall be introduced from the middle section to the refrigerating compressor's compression room due to the low evaporation pressure, large compression rate, high exhaust emission temperature and the bearing's mass load for the purposes of reducing the exhaust emission temperature (no more than 105℃). This will provide better lubrication to the bearing and improve the reliability of products.
● Emergency Switch of Auto/Manual
For the purpose of maintaining a continuous supply of the process cold sources, under the circumstance of a touch screen error occurring,an emergency switch (Auto/Manual) should be used and the power on/off shall be under control by button. There will be no influence brought to production.

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Physical Data

Physical Data of Withair® MediumLow Temperature Water-Cooled Water Chiller(1).png

Physical Data of Withair® MediumLow Temperature Water-Cooled Water Chiller(2).png

Physical Data of Withair® MediumLow Temperature Water-Cooled Water Chiller(3).png

Physical Data of Withair® MediumLow Temperature Water-Cooled Water Chiller(4).png

1.The nominal cooling capacities are based on the GB/T18430.1:
    entering water temperature of condenser is 30°C,leaving water temperature is 35°C; 
    entering water temperature of evaporator is -5°C, leaving water temperature is -10°C.
2.The flow rate will be changed to the different operating conditions, the pipe diameter can be adjust, the velocity of flow is controlled to 1.5m/s~2.5m/s.
3.Standard unit's refrigerant is glycol water. water flow rate of evaporator will increase 15% while use calcium chloride water to refrigerant, or will increase 3% while use sodium chloride water.
4.Glycol water is not recommended when the water outlet temperature of evaporator is lower than -30℃.
5.All models, sizes, dimensions, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to nameplates for the most accurate specifications

Packaging & Transportation


● Four steps of pakacges, plastic film, foam, carton and plywood for stable transporation.

● 100% test before deliverying products.
● Item shipped in 25 working days against payment depends on the quantity.
● Products catalogue, installation & operation manual will be sent together.
● Tracking number will be sent to customer as soon as we ship the products.
● Ocean shipping, railway shipment and air transportation are acceptable according to customer demand.

Withair® provides two styles package for different transporation modes:

(1). Standard package(free of charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film, which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;
       Withair Large Capacity Heat Pumps package
(2). Special package(extra charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation; 
       Withair Large Capacity Heat Pumps with strong package (1)

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