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Maximizing the efficiency of generating hot water by High Efficiency Heat Recovery Chiller

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Use Withair® heat recovery of water cooled chillers can significantly reduce the energy operating costs of many buildings by using heat which normally would be rejected to the atmosphere by cooling towers. Typical uses for this heat are perimeter zone heating, reheat air conditioning systems and any hot water requirements. Any building with a simultaneous heating and cooling load is a potential candidate, such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Withair® heat recovery chillers using two condensers produces higher temperature water than that using a heat exchanger. Heat recovery chillers can provide more heat with less efficiency than that operate in cooling only mode. The three main concerns of heat recovery are maximum heat amount, the highest heating water temperature, and operation control method. Enteringcondenser water temperature control is recommended for higher chiller efficiency and reliable operation. The three heat recovery system design are introduced: Preferential loading and Sidestream are for more heat recovery, two chillers overlap in series for higher water temperature.

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