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Installation Large Commercial Rooftop Units for big buildings

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The proven Withair' performance you expect — and deserve

You expect a high level of performance from any Withair' product, and Withair' rooftop units are no exception. This all-new HVAC solution offers you the confidence that comes from key components that have been tested in the field — simply designed, durable components, including a long-lasting tubular heat exchanger, reliable gas ignition system and proven compressor technology. It all adds up to the perfect combination of new design and verified engineering that’s ready to go to work for you.

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Easy to design, install and operate packaged rooftop systems for big buildings. Pre-engineered, factory-assembled heating, cooling and ventilation components in a single piece of equipment. Available in standard, high or ultra-high efficiency models, supporting single- or multi-zone applications with constant or variable-speed fan control.

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Some rooftop HVAC units can work for a very long time, providing the heating and cooling you need … but at a higher price than you might realize. If your rooftop unit is even five years old, it doesn’t meet today’s standards for energy efficiency. The older that unit is, the more money you’re spending on utility bills to keep it operating.

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Withair' rooftop units are certified to meet the most recent energy-efficiency standards established by ASHRAE — your assurance of current design strategies to deliver lower energy consumption and lower utility bills.

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Withair' products are designed, engineered, built and tested to be solid performers, quietly doing their jobs year after year with minimal need for maintenance and repairs. Withair' commercial rooftop units build on a long history of efficient, durable HVAC products that deliver the performance our customers expect and deserve.


Withair' rooftop unit continues that legacy by providing an innovative solution to

solve the specific HVAC needs of a large segment of our customers.


Withair' rooftop units were conceived to affirm our commitment to serving every segment of our customer base. We further reinforced that commitment by actively seeking out those customers’ input in designing the Withair' rooftop unit — and by building their ideas into the final product.

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