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Increasing price of refrigerant & air conditioner

Views: 86     Author: Withair®     Publish Time: 2017-07-08      Origin: Withair Group

After a period of copper, aluminum, plastic and other raw material prices going up always, recently refrigerant prices have surged again.entering in June, crazy price increase refrigerant, such as R125, within a month, the increase is 3-40000 yuan/ton, nearly 50% increase, some more 80%.Season started immediately now, air conditioning, refrigerant prices soared, again the cost of the whole industry pressure, air conditioning might have to raise prices.

Before this round of refrigerant prices, coupled with the raw material price such as copper, aluminum, plastic, transportation, logistics cost and artificial cost rise, although the peak season coming soon, but the industry believes that air conditioning unleash another rise in price.

Some air-conditioning manufacturers have said this wave of refrigerants, may air conditioning production, installation, logistics cost has risen by 15% than the same period last year, so big cost pressure, sales level does not rise in price factory is to losses.So far in 2017 air conditioning shipping prices have risen by 10%, due to the increasing cost pressure refrigerant prices, plans to raise prices 3% in late June, early July.

Another air-conditioning manufacturers, said several rounds of rising prices of raw materials, continuously compressed air conditioning manufacturing enterprise profit space, and even affect the survival and development of enterprises, the enterprises can't afford the cost of the heavy front, double double long refrigerant prices situation, air conditioning price or will rise again in the coming season.

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