We heat, cool and improve energy efficiency by   offering heat pumps, chillers and clean energy technology


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Hybrid Heat Pumps

  • W04HP Series

  • Withair®

  • 8418612090


Product Overview

Solar Hybrid DC Inverter Heat Pump

WithAir® Solar Heat Pump System

—— Product Description ——

Withair®Solar Hybrid DC Inverter Heat Pump System is new special combine solar heat pipe collector & air source heat pump technology to make super COP: 5.0, main pre-heating R410A refrigerant by solar pipe collector to help compressor working to save 70%~90% power. 

PV components createDC power, DC power directlyin tothe intelligent driver, then drive theheat pump.

When the intelligent driver detects insufficient solar power, municipal power will be used by automatically.

When the intelligent driver that there is surplus solar power or air source heat pump is not running, we could convert DC power to AC power by theintelligent driver for civilian function or sold to the grid.

Withair® Solar Hybrid DC Inverter Heat Pump System can use the solar energy to realize cooling in the summer, heating in the winter. Cooling in the Summer is making use of the solar collector to produce a 5°C~20°C chilled water to cool the room through fan coil.

Heating in Winter is making use of solar collector to raise the temperature of circulating water up to 30°C~50°C, then circulating through the pump, providing heating to the room through the terrestrial heating pipe or fan coil.

The system is suitable for the regions and countries that have four distinct seasons or cooling in the summer, heating in the winter.

—— The Key Advantages Include ——

●  100% energy conservation and environmental protection

* Make full use of the free energy of solar energy and air source energy, raise heat source from the low temperature to high temperature, 100% energy saving.

* Solar energy and air source energy are green & renewable energy, 100% environmental protection.

* The system built-in intelligent digital driver modular to track the max solar power automatically, its priority consume DC power from solar PV panel .

* Use efficiency evaporator of plate solar collector with 360°heat transfer structure design.

* Around 30% ~ 80% DC Power Consumption directly from the Solar PV panel according daytime sunlight.


●  100% safe and reliable

* Use HFC R410a refrigerant.

* Refrigerant with high and low pressure protection.

* System with multiple protection devices, e.g: overload protection,short phase protection,phases sequence protection,anti-freeze protection,ect.

* Adopt air source energy as auxiliary heat source, the system stable running, not affected by changes in the intensity of solar radiation,to avoid the pure solar heating source unstable faults.

* Safe Running 365 days: the hybrid heat pump solved home / building / big project solutions: heating in winter by 45℃ hot water, cooling in summer by 7℃ cold water.


●  100% intelligent control

* Humanized operation interface, easy to set the operation mode (cooling, heating, hot water and energy storage), operation time and operation mode.

* New Hybrid Technology AC/DC dual power supply; Auto interaction : DC Solar Power & city power 230V/415V auto switch balance.

* Max DC Power 100V ~ DC360V for inverter 230V/1Ph/50Hz heat pump.

Physical Data

Solar Hybrid DC Inverter Heat Pump

Technical Data
The data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product.

How It Works

How It Works for Solar Hybrid DC Inverter Heat Pumps

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