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High efficiency DC Inverter Heat Pump & Water Chiller System

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Withair® DC Inverter Heat Pump & Water Chiller System can work at -30℃ climate in winter, supply hot water up to 55℃ for heating room, and supply 5~7℃ cooling water for air conditioning.the unit connect fan coil unit, floor heating pipe to achieve cooling in Summer and heating in Winter. We carry a wide variety of Inverter Heat Pump & Chiller systems in several types and sizes from our Heat Pump and Chiller models, to our Cooling-Only models. We carry Inverter Heat Pump systems in a wide range capacity(single unit capacity: 8kW ~ 80kW).

Withair® Heat Pump inverter technology is a highly-efficient heating and cooling solution that keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. When compared to a conventional furnace or air conditioning unit,  there is no comparison with an inverter.Heat pumps work by drawing heat energy from the air outside and use refrigerant to maintain a warmer temperature in winter. The cycle simply reverses in summer, expelling heat to keep the environment cool. The result is a significant decrease in energy loss during the refrigerant cycle.

Withair® DC Inverter Heat Pump & Water Chiller System Function & Benefits

Units that have a variable-speed inverter or compressor have a refrigerant cycle that operates at various speeds which are determined by heating load or temperature. The inverter eliminates energy losses caused by repeated starts and stops by adjusting the refrigerant speed automatically.

Heat pump inverters reduce the amount of cycling to deliver a more comfortable, consistent temperature and to eliminate drafts. By minimizing the amount of energy lost during through cycling, they also improve energy efficiency in the home and reduce consumption (and the related cost) of energy. This not only allows you to keep your heating and cooling expenses under control, it is also favorable to the environment by reducing pollutants and emissions of greenhouse gases.

Also reduce noise during operation and most are capable of extending the life of both the compressor and other vital heating and cooling system components.

Another significant benefit related to energy efficiency is that, oftentimes, using an inverter will qualify for tax credits. Be sure that the unit you are interested in purchasing qualifies for these tax incentives. Be aware, also, that just because a unit is Energy Star-certified that does not mean that it automatically meets the requirements for tax credits. Do your research and make an informed purchase.

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