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High Wall Mounted Chilled Water Fan Coil Units Shipping to Europe Market

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Withair's High-Wall chilled water fan coil is carefully designed and manufactured according to high quality standard to provide you with years of comfortable, convenient cooling with minimal service required. A clean and sophisticated design, modern forms and cutting-edge technology. unit is the perfect solution for installation in commercial, residential and tertiary sectors, where comfort, noiselessness and enhancement of environment are the main requirements to be satisfied.

The benefits of its system have met the users’ demand of compact size which requires less space for easy installation together with low noise operation.


Withair’s represents the state of the art in high-wall fan coil units for efficiency, adjustment, compactness, and quietness. Cabinet made from ABS, the air outlet is equipped with a motorized flap and a front panel complete with display to show all the functions of the unit.

Withair Wall Mounted type Fan Coil Unit

Uprated heat exchanger made with copper piping and high efficiency aluminium fins with hydrophilic surface treatment. Fan-drive assembly with tangential fan and BLDC synchronous motor controlled by an inverter which assures low energy consumption, quiet operation and high efficiency. 2 or 3-way ON/OFF regulating valve with electro thermal actuator, directly installed on the heat exchanger. Infrared remote controller supplied as standard.

Reliability and performance, first of Wall mounted fan coils.‎

• Heat exchanger: finned coil.‎

• Fan: tangential with Inverter Brushless EC motor with continuous speed adjustment.‎

• Baffle: motorised with different positions.‎

• Structure: made of heat-resistant ABS polymer, RAL 9003 colour, complete with a regenerable polypropylene filter, adjustable fins and a natural condensate drain pan.‎

• Unit equipped with a 3-way ON/OFF valve and resident RS485 serial interface.‎

• Control: microprocessor electronic control.‎

Adjustment functions: full auto, cool, dry, fan, autofan, heat.‎ Comfort functions: orienting, swing, timer, sleep, hot start, memory.‎

Remote control supplied as standard.‎

Separately supplied accessories

• 2-way ON/OFF valve accessory.‎

• All major components are individually inspected and tested, and every unit undergoes a runtest prior to shipment from the factory.

• Temperature setting of 15-30 oC

• 3 Fan speed of Hi Me Lo and Auto

• Sweep function

• Sleep Mode

• 24 hour auto on-off timer 

Withair Wall Mounted type Fan Coil Unit—3

Withair Wall Mounted type Fan Coil Unit—6Withair Wall Mounted type Fan Coil Unit—2

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