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Flue-fired LiBr Absorption Chiller

  • W02C3 Series

  • Withair®

  • 8418692090


Product Overview

WithAir® Hot Water Absorption Chiller ,adopts  hot water to make cool (including to use hot water from solar).

 WithAir® Integrated Hot Water Type Central Air Conditioning

—— The key advantages Include ——  


● Cooling capacity: from 18Ton and above. 

● Fuel: Natural gas or diesel oil or bios.
● Refrigeration: Water.
● Absorber: Lithium bromide solution.
● Inhibitor: Lithium chromate or Lithium molybdate.
● Working pressure: 0.1 or 0.4 or 0.6 or 0.8MPa.


Physical Data

Physical Data of Withair® Flue-fired LiBr Absorption Chiller.png

The data in the above table test as following:

1. Rated heating W. Inlet/outlet temp: 55-60° C.
2. Rated hot living W. Inlet/outlet temp: 40-60° C.
3. Fouling factor for chilled W., hot W., cooling W.: 0.086m2k/kw(0.0001m2h° C/Kcal).
4. Pressure limit for chilled W., cooling W.: 0.8MPa.
5. Oil consumption is calculated by low heating value: 10300Kcal/Kg
Coal gas is calculated by high heating value: 3560Kcal/Nm3
Natural gas is calculated by high heating value: 8650Kcal/Nm3

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