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Ductable Split Air conditioner

  • 5.3 ÷ 17.6 kW / 1.5 ÷ 5.0 Tons

  • 5.8 ÷ 18.5 kW / 1.7 ÷ 5.3 Tons

  • 3.1 EER / 3.4 COP

  • Compressor - 5 year limited ; Other parts - 1 year limited

  • R410A, R407C,R22

  • Scroll type; HITACHI, Daikin, Panasonic, MITSUBISHI,Copeland

  • High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger

  • High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger

  • 230V/1Ph/50Hz and 380V/3Ph/50Hz (400V/415V/3Ph/50Hz, 230V/380V/460V/3Ph/60Hz as option)


Product Description

—— Product Description ——

Withair Ductable Split Air Conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. 

Temperature control by inverter compressor, Indoor units operate quietly to meet individual temperature set points for each zone. Variable-speed compressors with wide capacity and precise modulation help maintain the temperature within a narrow range.Withair ductable split air conditioning involve a range of 6 models, with heating and cooling capacity among 1.5TR and 5.0TR, which allow to create "customized" solution, matching the different installations requests.

—— The key advantages Include ——


● ECO friendly refrigerant R410A,R407C.

● Built-in hydraulic module for option.

● Intelligent defrost totally.

● Ultra Slim Design, only 290mm in height, save installation space.

● The independent design and manufacturing of high efficiency heat exchanger, strong energy saving and anti-freeing.

● Fresh air intake, fresh air makes indoor air healthy and comfortable; Long term filter.

● Electronic expansion valve throttle control, refrigerant flow control precision at at the cold temperature.

● Air side heat exchanger(hydrophilic aluminum fin) with anti-ice system design, prevent heat exchanger to frost at the cold temperature.

● Multi self-protection  functions, such as: high & low pressure, high temperature, and antifreeze protection.

● Modular networking technology, the operation of individual modules can be coordinated according demand.

● Advanced & world-famous compressor high-efficiency, low-noise and low-vibration operation.

● Optional external static pressure(ESP): 50Pa and 80Pa can be freely chosen.

● Remote monitoring and control features enable the unit’s operational schedule to be set via internet or phone.

● Using modular networking technology, the operation of individual modules can be coordinated according demand.

● Built-in water pump (optional), the built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high from the drainage pan.

● Remote control, central control and WIFI control are for options.

● Flexible air intake options, air intake from rear as standard, from bottom is optional.The size of the plate from bottom is the same as the flange from back, which makes it convenient to change installation style due to different decoration requirements.

● Applicable to a variety of room types, specific ESP design can be applied to various room types easily, like rooms of L type or U type; the air outlet can be set separately from the indoor unit, so the air flow can be equally distributed even the room is in irregular structure.

Physical Data

Ductable Split Air Conditioning

Inverter duct split air conditioner


1.Standard cooling work condition: indoor dry bulb temperature 27℃,wet bulb temperature 19℃; outdoor dry bulb temperature 35℃,wet bulb temperature 24℃.
2.Standard heating work condition: indoor dry bulb temperature 20℃; outdoor dry bulb temperature 7℃,wet bulb temperature 6℃.
3.All models, sizes, dimensions, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to nameplates for the most accurate specifications

Packaging & Transportation

● Four steps of pakacges, plastic film, foam, carton and plywood for stable transporation.

● 100% test before deliverying products.
● Item shipped in 25 working days against payment depends on the quantity.
● Products catalogue, installation & operation manual will be sent together.
● Tracking number will be sent to customer as soon as we ship the products.
● Ocean shipping, railway shipment and air transportation are acceptable according to customer demand.

Withair® provides two styles package for different transporation modes:

(1). Standard package(free of charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film, foam and carton,which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;
       withair heat pump_carton package-
(2). Special package(extra charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation; 
       Withair Heat Pumps package by wooden box
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