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Air Cooled Screw Heat Pump

  • W01R1 Series
  • 8418612090
  • 200.0 ÷ 1510.0 kW / 56.8 ÷ 429.3 Tons
  • 220.0 ÷ 1684.0 kW / 62.5 ÷ 478.8 Tons
  • 3.27 EER / 3.35 COP
  • Compressor - 5 year limited ; Other parts - 2 year limited
  • R134a, R407C,R22 as option
  • Screw type; HANBELL, RefComp and BITZER as option
  • 0-25-50-75-100% or Continous capacity Control as option
  • High efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger
  • High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger
  • Commercial Use, Industrial Use
  • 380-415V/3Ph/50Hz (380V/460V/3Ph/60Hz and 208V/3Ph/60Hz as option)
  • Withair® Air Cooled Screw Chiller & Heat Pump Catalogue (2021 Version).pdf

Product Overview

—— Product Description ——

Withair® offers a variety of Air-Cooled Screw Heat Pump for a wide range of comfort and process cooling applications and also offers complete, factory-assembled screw liquid chillers that offer ease of installation with wiring and microprocessor controllers providing maximum operating efficiency. Our compact chillers install easily and quickly into most building layouts, making them ideal choices for retrofit or new building designs.


Withair® Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump adopts twin-screw compressor designed with the most advanced, industrial third-generation asymmetric technology of 5 gear teeth to 6 gear teeth.It has a variable capacity, and is high-efficiency and energy-saving. It has the humanistic microcomputer control system with remote control function. The self-protection features ensure the safe and reliable running. The unit series is complete and can be tailored to meet various needs of customers. The Air-cooled Screw Chiller features of compact size, low noise high energy-efficiency ratio and long service life, and is easy to operate and maintain. Thus they find a wide utilization in a great variety of locations, such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, stores and hospitals. And they are also applicable to the air conditioning sites in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical, and electronic industries.Withair® Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump can be applied to civil construction of air conditioning projects and industrial projects, such as hotel, shopping mall,restaurant, hospital, factory, etc. It is a wise choice for areas where water is insufficient or there are strict limits on noise level and surroundings.

—— The Key Advantages Include ——

● ECO friendly refrigerant R134a, R407C.

● Built-in hydraulic module for option.

● Intelligent defrost totally.

● Multi self-protection  functions, such as: high & low pressure, high temperature, water flow and antifreeze protection.

● Modular networking technology, the operation of individual modules can be coordinated according demand.

● Advanced & world-famous hermetic scroll compressor high-efficiency, low-noise and low-vibration operation.

● Standalone subsystems enable maintenance of individual subsystems without affecting the continued operation of the rest.

● Hydrophilic and corrosion-resistant material ensures adaptability to poor weather. 
● Uses advanced hermetic scroll compressor high-efficiency, low-noise, and low-vibration operation.
● Remote monitoring and control features enable the unit’s operational schedule to be set via internet or phone.
● Using modular networking technology, the operation of individual modules can be coordinated according demand.
● Standalone subsystems enable maintenance of individual subsystems without affecting the continued operation of the rest.
● Unique heat exchanger protection technology, increases heat exchange efficiency to 30% above that of conventional heat exchangers.

—— Product Features ——

Withair new Generation air-cooled screw chillers are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and intelligent control. We adopt Environment friendly refrigerants R134a; as for reliability, DX evaporator,which is no oil return problem, we have done 100% run test before the units leave the factory. we adopt Touchable screen display and PLC control s,which are user-friendly operation interface. Twin-rotor screw compressors, more energy efficiency and reliability; Low operating noise Benefit From Low-noise ,low -vibration fans and double-wall structure Hanbell compressor.


Withair Main Components


Heat exchanger






We adopt Famous brand Danfoss electronic expansion valve, which is controlled by drive module controller.The drive module controller controls the valve open degree according to evaporator suction superheat temperature;which is Real PID modulation. 












The PLC controller reserved RS485 port which can be communicate with BAS (Building Automation system) though the. Modbus communication protocol,as we know our units can be combined by max 12 units to one goup,we need to set the master unit and the slave units on the PLC and then only master unit connect to the Host computer.

—— Strong cooperation and creating good quality ——


—— Circuit Diagram ——


—— System Installation Diagram (Industrial Refrigeration Solutions) ——


—— System Installation Diagram (Central Air Conditioning Solutions) ——




—— Water Piping ——


—— Installation Foundation ——



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Physical Data

Nominal cooling capacitykW200300520720900108013001516
Nominal heating capacitykW220330572792990118814301692
Power supply
380V/3P/50Hz (400V/415V/3P/50Hz, 380V/460V/3P/60Hz as option)
Compressor Type
Advanced semi-hermetic screw compressor
Hanbell, RefComp, Danfoss
Starting mode
Y- Δ
Control type
Electrical expansion valve
Input powerkW61.186.7150210260316378421
HFC- R134a or R407C
Circuit quantity
Control type
PLC program
Safe Protection DeviceHigh/low pressure switch,overload protection,counter clock wise and short phase protection
(power phases sequence protection),lack water(water-flow switch),anti-freeze protection,ect
Energy Control
0-25%-50%-75%-100%, stepless adjustment as option
Air side heat exchangerType
High efficiency exchanger copper tube and aluminum fin coil
Fans quantity
Air volumem³/h10,80017,6002,200035,20035,20046,00046,00058,900
Motor input powerkW1.561.562.232.231.562.232.11.56
Water side
    heat exchanger
High efficiency shell and tube
Water flow ratem³/h345189123154185223247
Water resistancekPa4855445244484448
Pipe sizeInch4"6"
Noise leveldB(A)7375757978797879


1.    Standard cooling work condition: entering chilled water temperature 12℃, leaving temperature 7℃;dry bulb temperature 35℃,wet bulb temperature 24℃;
2.    Standard heating work condition: entering hot water temperature 40℃,leaving temperature 45℃; dry bulb temperature 7℃,wet bulb temperature 6℃;
PLC control system and touch-screen user interface simplifies operation;
4.    All models, sizes, dimensions, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to nameplates for the most accurate specifications.

Packaging & Transportation

● 100% test before deliverying products.

● Products catalogue, installation & operation manual will be sent together.

● Tracking number will be sent to customer as soon as we ship the products.

● Item shipped in 25 working days against payment depends on the quantity.

● Four steps of pakacges, plastic film, foam, carton and plywood for stable transporation.

● Ocean shipping, railway shipment and air transportation are acceptable according to customer demand.

Withair® provides two styles package for different transporation modes:

(1). Standard package(free of charge): Unit is wrapped with plastic film, which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;
       Withair air cooled screw chiller & heat pump package_2
(2). Special package(extra charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation; 
       Withair air cooled screw chiller & heat pump package-1

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