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A Green Commercial Heating Product - Ultra-high Temperature Water Source Heat Pumps

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Ultra-high Temperature Water Source Heat Pumps 

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Withair’s Ultra-high Temperature Water Source Heat Pump can produce high-temperature hot water at 55~122°C while cooling, and realize the dual-temperature and double-effect application of waste heat recovery. One set of ultra-high temperature heat pump equipment is used to replace the traditional two sets.

Withair® High Temp. Water Source Heat Pump Applications

The fuel boiler and refrigeration/chiller unit equipment can fully meet the energy demand of the production process. The ultra-high temperature heat pump consumes a small amount of electricity, and while completing the task of the refrigeration/chiller unit, it can obtain free to the heat generated by the fuel boiler. The heating COP can reach above 3.5, the cooling COP can reach above 4, and the overall efficiency can reach above 7.5. that consumes 1,000 Watts of electricity can get 7,500 watts of energy (heat + cooling), which can save more than 40% of energy compared to traditional equipment, giving full play to its maximum energy efficiency advantage.

Withair® UN series High Temp. Water Source Heat Pump

There is no combustion process in operation, no soot emission, no waste generation. It can be designed and configured according to different energy consumption characteristics to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system.

Our High Temperature Water Source Heat Pump Characteristics:

* High efficiency & Environment-friendly

High efficiency components (compressor, heat exchanger, etc.) 

Environmental protection refrigerant: R134a üPatented spray type heat exchanger, higher heat exchange efficiency 

Electronic expansion valve throttling control, to ensure optimal operating efficiency under varying conditions *

* High reliability

Reliable and intelligent control 

Patented oil return technology, high oil separation and oil return efficiency 

Dozens of prototype performance verification tests *

* Wide application range

Heat Pump, Heat Pump with Heat Recovery, Chiller, Ice-making, Ice-making + Heat Pump (Heat Recovery) 

Energy control:  8.3 ~ 100% or Continuous (stepless) control 

It can be used in low temperature air supply, large temperature difference and small flow, one pump variable flow and other energy-saving air conditioning systems *

* Customer experience design 

User-machine interface design 

Simple operation and maintenance 

Rich design options

Withair® UL series High Temp. Water Source Heat Pump

Withair® US series High Temp. Water Source Heat Pump

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