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50RT & 40RT Heat Recovery Heat Pumps & Chillers Ship to Customers

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Withair design each component of our Heat Recovery Heat Pumps & Chillers Ship with customer's comfort, and budget, in mind. We want our homes & industrial application to be comfortable and economic, for some people that means control over the settings and temperature, for others uncompromising energy efficiency is most important, and many are looking for higher performance at a price user can afford. 

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Our Heat Recovery Heat Pumps & Chillers provide cooling, heating and hot water for home use and industrial use, and hot water temperature up to 65℃,heat recovery rate from 30% to 100%, more and more customers perfer to install this heating & cooling and hot water systems with high energy efficiency. these heat pumps will be installed at pharmaceuticals industry quickly and care people's health.

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Why is heat recovery important?

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total primary energy consumption and 43% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is used for space and water heating. If a more efficient means of providing heat could be implemented it would represent a tremendous opportunity to reduce energy consumption in buildings and thus reduce total energy consumption. our Heat Recovery Heat Pumps & Chillers explores a more efficient means of generating hot water through the application of air-cooled chiller systems with heat reclaim capabilities to reduce the energy consumption in buildings.

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Hot water has been created in very much the same way for many years. Fossil fuels are combusted around a metal vessel filled with water. More recently, electric elements have been immersed in a water vessel to heat the water. When heating with fossil fuels, efficiencies can reach more than 90% in a condensing-type boiler and upwards of 100% with electric immersion water heaters. These efficiencies represent a coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.90 and 1.0 respectively. Is it possible to generate hot water at a COP greater than 1.0? The answer is yes. Heat recovery captures energy that would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere and converts this energy into useful heat. it is possible to capture this “Heat Out” from the condenser and use it to generate hot water. By capturing this heat that would otherwise be wasted, overall system efficiencies can be significantly increased. Unlike the process of generating heat from combustion or electrically driven water heaters, capturing waste heat from the condenser can result in efficiencies greater than 100%. This achievement is the result of using the heat captured from the condenser plus the cooling effect from the evaporator. When both sources of heat are captured, efficiencies greater than 100% can be realized. In fact, the total COP for heat reclaim from a chiller system for both water heating and cooling purposes can reach over 5.0.

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An air-cooled chiller produces chilled water while simultaneously transferring significant quantities of heat to the outdoors through its air-cooled condenser. If this heat could be captured and re-directed to a water-cooled condenser, the system could produce not only a controlled source of chilled water but also a significant amount of useful heat to generate hot water. Withair’s air-cooled chillers with heat reclaim capabilities can do just that – produce chilled water controlled to the necessary temperature while generating hot water as a by-product of the chilled water system.

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