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20Ton and 40Ton Industrial Use Air-cooled Scroll Chillers deliver to Indonesia's customer

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Our Withair®  20Ton and 40Ton Industrial Use air-cooled scroll chillers deliver top-of-the-line, full-load efficiency for assurance of performance in the most demanding conditions. But you can also count on excellent performance during 99% of the time when chillers operate at off-design conditions. As a result, during the months when outdoor ambient temperatures are below the design point, the chiller lets you substantially reduce your electricity consumption. 

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For new projects, our energy savings surpass typical chillers – and on replacement projects, you’ll save more electricity than ever before. And we offer more customizable options to meet your real operating needs every day. That’s why you can count on Withair® chillers to make a practical difference in your application. Optional dual-speed or variablespeed fans can be selected for additional energy savings. Plus, our advanced controls intelligently sequence multiple compressors to save energy during mornings, evenings, and weekends.

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The Withair® chiller covers a broad range of operating conditions. The Withair® chiller can operate with ambient temperatures up to 52℃ – the kind of temperatures encountered in deserts and areas exposed to intense sun. And there is no problem handling ambient temperatures down to -20℃. For process applications, the Withair® chiller can be configured for glycol production as low as -12℃. And for even more flexibility, the Withair® chiller can use a heat-recovery option to generate water as hot as 60℃.

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To save space, optional pumps on the Withair® chiller are integrated onboard the chassis below the condenser. This compact, factory-installed configuration not only puts the pumps out of your way to create a smaller footprint, it also saves on installation costs. No matter where you place a Withair® chiller, it can run quietly – which is ideal for sound-sensitive areas where people are concerned.

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Full life cycle Lower total cost. Intelligent budget management dictates that only the total cost of ownership, which combines first cost and operating cost, should be considered. The Withair® chiller is an attractive value right from the start because it can be specifically configured so that you only pay for the chiller you need.

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You save by specifying the efficiency level and the customizable options that make the most sense for your application. You also save on installation costs. The Withair® chiller design is ideal for new construction or retrofit projects. Optional onboard pumps are mounted and wired in the factory within the unit footprint to eliminate field installation. Plus, a lower unit weight makes it easier to rig into place. You also avoid the expense of structural building expansions or modifications thanks to a compact configuration that lets you put more capacity in less space.

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To minimize energy costs throughout the year, you can take advantage of outstanding realworld energy performance. You stay in perfect control with continuous monitoring via native BACnet, Modbus for virtually any BMS.

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 The 20Ton and 40Ton Industrial Use Air Cooled Chiller Unit for Surimi Factory we manufactured for Indonesia's customer, with entering water temperature is 15~25℃, and the leaving water temperature is as low as 5℃, tt is better for the production of Surimi factory.

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