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100% Outdoor Air Reverse Cycle Package Rooftop Unit

  • 41.1 ÷ 352.0 kW / 11.7 ÷ 100.1 Tons

  • 45.6 ÷ 390.7 kW / 13.0 ÷ 111.1 Tons

  • 3.1 EER / 3.4 COP

  • Compressor - 5 year limited ; Other parts - 1 year limited

  • R410A, R407C

  • Scroll type; Copeland, Danfoss, Daikin, HITACHI, Panasonic, MITSUBISHI

  • High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger

  • High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger

  • 380V/3Ph/50Hz (400V/415V/3Ph/50Hz, 208V/380V/460V/1(3)Ph/60Hz as option)


Product Overview

—— Product Description ——

Withair® packaged rooftop units were designed to be easy to install, maintain, and operate, with customer-requested features including a gage port, centralized control center, plug-and-play accessory board, "no-strip screw" collars, and handled access panels. Units are field-convertible to horizontal airflow without special adapter curbs or kits, making it easy for the installer to adjust to unexpected jobsite complications. Units are pre-wired and pre-charged with environmentally (R-410A) refrigerant and are factory tested. Withair® packaged rooftop unit applicability is wide and used in shopping malls, hotels, factories, villas, commercial housing, office buildings, shops, hospitals and other places.

—— The Key Advantages Include ——

●  All model sizes share a common, compact cabinet in a single footprint for on-site flexibility.

●  Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring. All units are factory-wired, charged and tested prior to shipment.

●  Gas and electric utility knockouts are provided on unit side and bottom for easy connections.

●  Compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature.

●  Units are engineered and built to be among the quietest models.

●  Full-perimeter base rails are easily removable, yet provide a solid unit foundation.

●  Durable finish, made of powder-painted, galvanized steel to meet 500-hour salt-spray test demands.

●  Condensate drain is heavy-duty. 3/4" NPT connection is rigidly mounted for a proper fit and a tight seal.

●  Condensate pan is non-corrosive, long-lasting and watertight.

●  Convertible airflow design means no panel cutting is required, and no accessory panel is necessary.

●  Heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant, with aluminized steel tubular construction for durability and long service life.

●  Post-purge induced draft combustion exhausts combustion products from the heat exchanger to prolong heat exchanger life.

●  Hot surface to pilot ignition provides faster, more reliable heat delivery.

●  Secured service access ports are protected, externally mounted and reusable on both high and low lines.

●  Complete line of field-installed accessories, including propane and high altitude conversion kits, economizers, single- and dual-enthalpy sensors and more.

●  Evaporator coils are constructed with grooved copper tubes and enhanced for construction to improve heat transfer.

●  Condenser coils are constructed of MicroChannel aluminum tubing and aluminum fins for durability and long-lasting efficient operation.

●  Cooling operating range up to 52°C and down to -1°C.

●  Control terminal board facilitating simple safety circuit troubleshooting and simplified control box arrangement.

●  Access panels with easy grip handles and tool-less filter access door

●  Belt drive evaporator-fan motor and pulley combinations available on all three phase models to meet any application

●  Field convertible from vertical to horizontal airflow for slab mounting.

●  Dependable time/temperature defrost board and logic.

●  Loss of charge, freeze protection, and high-pressure switches

●  Totally enclosed condenser motors with permanently lubricated bearings.

●  Permanently lubricated evaporator-fan motor.

Withair Rooftop Unit (Product structure_1)

1. Multi-compressors system - provide up to 4 grades of refrigeration capacity regulation, optional variable capacity digital scroll compressor can further improve the equipment energy saving and control accuracy.

2. Double layer board gold structure -- polyamine foam double layer board gold structure pioneered by yilong.The highest thermal resistance in the industry is 2.8m2℃/w.

3. Electronic expansion valve - provides the most accurate superheat control (1℃) while reducing equipment failure rate.

4. Controller - optional PLC programmable controller improves field control adaptability and makes network connection faster.

5. Heat exchanger - the world's first oval tube heat exchanger to greatly improve the energy saving level.

6. Reheater (optional) - reheat is provided through waste heat of condenser without electric heating.

7. Heat recovery wheel (optional) - there are two options, sensible heat and total heat, to absorb the energy in the exhaust air.

8. Enthalpy difference controller (optional) - when the outdoor enthalpy value is lower than the indoor enthalpy value, the compressor is closed and the outdoor natural air is utilized cooling room environment.

9. Secondary air return (side) - humidity control through secondary air return is the most energy-saving humidity control solution.

10. Gas heating (optional) - gas heating can be used in winter to provide stable heating.

11. High efficiency fan motor - straight connected vortex free case backward tilt fan greatly improves fan efficiency.

12. Types selection - air - cooled type or water - cooled type for option.

Air volume and compressor capacity automatically matching

Withairs patent Air volume and compressor capacity automatically matching

Withair's Rooftop Unit can provide up to 7 levels of air volume regulation, greatly improving the energy efficiency of the equipment.For example, when indoor load is low, only one compressor is working, at this time, the air supply volume will be automatically reduced to 15-20% of the total air volume to achieve the energy saving goal.

When the indoor load increases, for example, two compressors are needed to put into operation, the air supply will automatically increase to match the cooling capacity.

—— The Directions of Air Supply & Air Inlet ——

Multiple optional air supply methods, so that Withair Rooftop air conditioner can adapt to a variety of building conditions.

Whether indoor or outdoor, whether the roof or the ground, it can be a good design layout.

Withair Rooftop Unit (the directions of air supply & air inlet)

—— Rapid Product Customization Services ——

Customer's personalized demand for Rooftop Unit  is the design concept of Withair. our each Rooftop Unit can be customized according

to the customer's special requirements.Our engineers will quickly design each personalized roof machine, including the structure, function

and control can be customized.

Withair Rooftop Unit (Rapid Product Customization Services_1)

Withair Rooftop Unit (Rapid Product Customization Services_2)

Physical Data

Packaged Rooftop Unit

Model  W05R1-
Rated cooling capacitykW41.155.364.775.885.394.7112.6129.5155.8187.4211.6227.4261.1352.0
Rated cooling input powerkW12.5017.6020.5024.3027.5030.2035.0040.9047.9060.1067.5072.3082.60110.60
Rated EERW/W3.
Rated heating capacitykW45.661.371.984.194.6105.2125.0143.7172.9208.0234.9252.4289.8390.7
Rated heating input powerkW13.418.821.926.029.432.337.543.851.364.372.277.488.4118.3
Rated COPW/W3.
Air supplym3/h540010800126001510017100189002300026000291003200034500370004250051000
External static pressurePa200200200250250250300300300350350420420500
Maximum operating currentA31.344.444.7505766.167.579.8102.8127156177188224
Capacity control%100-50-25-0
Temperature control
Microcomputer thermostat
Hermetic high efficiency scroll compressor
R410A & R407C
Power supply
380-415V/3P/50Hz   (380V/460V/3P/60Hz and 208V/1(3)Ph/60Hz as option)
Protection devices
High pressure protector, low pressure protector, compressor overheating protection, fusible plug,reverse-phase protection, exhaust overheat protection, compressor overcurrent protection, fan overcurrent protection,etc
Dismountable and compliant with the ASHEAE52-76 standards, dust intercept rate >95%
Heat exchanger type
High efficiency finned copper pipe heat exchanger
Gas-fuel heater 
Optional parts,  standard units are not configured
Air exhauster
Optional parts,  standard units are not configured
Optional parts,  standard units are not configured
Heat recovery
Optional parts,  standard units are not configured
Fresh air
Optional parts,  standard units are not configured
Noise leveldB(A)5963636567676868707272737575


1. Cooling condition: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 27℃, wet bulb temperature 19℃, outdoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 35℃.

2. Heating condition: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 20℃, outdoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 7℃, wet bulb temperature 6℃.

3. Gas heating and Electronic heating are for your option.

4. Constant temperature and humidity type, heat recovery and cooling only model are for your option

5. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to nameplates for the most accurate specifications

Packaging & Transportation


● Four steps of pakacges, plastic film, foam, carton and plywood for stable transporation.

● 100% test before deliverying products.
● Item shipped in 25 working days against payment depends on the quantity.
● Products catalogue, installation & operation manual will be sent together.
● Tracking number will be sent to customer as soon as we ship the products.
● Ocean shipping, railway shipment and air transportation are acceptable according to customer demand.

Withair® provides two styles package for different transporation modes:

(1). St andard package(free of charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film, foam and carton, which is suitable for container shipment & a few transshipment cargo;
          withair heat pump_carton package-       
(2). Special pac kage(extra charge): unit is wrapped with plastic film and wooded box, which is suitable for bulk cargo transporation; 
       Withair Heat Pumps package by wooden box

Catalogue Download

                       Withair®_ Packaged Rooftop Unit Catalogue 2017.pdf

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