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Ultra-high-efficiency packaged rooftop units deliver improved efficiency with intelligent control and operational flexibility

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An ideal solution for commercial building applications, Withair®  packaged rooftop units combines efficiency and advanced economizer controls with unprecedented installation flexibility and low installed costs. Its compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature to ensure dependable performance in tough conditions. Smart Equipment, provided as a standard component, provides reliability and ease of use. Withair®   packaged units deliver the simplicity and performance that give you a competitive advantage on practically every rooftop project, providing a great solution for commercial-building applications.

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With Smart Equipment, all alarm and diagnostic data can be transmitted directly to an on-site PC or over a local Wi-Fi® connection — you can even monitor the system over the Internet using a web browser. 

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Quality is something we take personally.

We design, engineer and assemble Withair® single-packaged rooftop units in China, where we can closely monitor and improve processes that directly affect quality. It’s this commitment to excellence that allow us to offer outstanding warranties, meet the highest industry standards and deliver energy-saving comfort that lasts.

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Withair® Packaged Rooftop Units make BACNet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility. - The building automation system controller is factory installed. Includes air supply sensor, return air sensor, with optional dirty filter indicator switch, and air proving switch.

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All units are convertible single package high efficiency rooftops. All models have independent refrigeration circuits for efficient part load operation.

Although the units are primarily designed for curb mounting on a roof, they can also be mounted at ground level or set on steel beams above a finished roof.

All units are self-contained and assembled on rigid full perimeter base rails allowing for overhead rigging. Every unit is completely charged, wired, piped, and tested at the factory to provide a quick and easy field installation.

All models (including those with an economizer) are convertible between bottom and horizontal duct connections.

All units are available in the following configurations:

cooling only, cooling with electric heat, and cooling with gas heat. Electric heaters are available as field-installed accessory only.

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