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Solar Air Conditioner

  • W04HP Series
  • Withair®
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Product Overview

PV Solar Air Conditioning System

WithAir® Solar Heat Pump System

—— The key advantages Include ——

●  More than 75% efficiency
* Use efficiency evaporator of plate solar collector with 360° heat transfer structure design.
* Adopt unique improve temperature technology.
* Under low temperature climate, the evaporation temperature of plate solar collector evaporator ≥10°C.
* Evaporator of plate solar collector efficiency is higher 75%.
●  100% energy conservation and environmental protection
* Make full use of the free energy of solar energy and air souce energy, raise heat source from the low temperature to high temperature, so, 100% energy saving.
* Solar energy and air source energy are green & renewable energy, 100% environmental protection.
●  100% safe and reliable
* Use HFC R134a refrigerant (the freezing point temperature of 101.3),medium, which completely solve the anti-freezing problem of the plate solar collector in winter.
* Refrigerant with high and low pressure protection.
* System with multiple protection devices, e.g:overload protection,short phase protection,phases sequence protection,anti-freeze protection,ect.
* Adopt air source energy as auxiliary heat source, the system stable running, not affected by changes in the intensity of solar radiation,to avoid the pure solar heating source unstable faults.
●  100% intelligent control
Humanized operation interface, easy to set the operation mode (cooling, heating, hot water and energy storage), operation time and operation mode.

Physical Data

Solar PV Air-Cooled Heat Pumps

Physical Data of Withair® Solar PV Air-Cooled Heat Pumps.png

The data in the above table test as following:

1. WithAir® PV Air-Cooled Heat Pump & Chiller could be set use solar PV cooling or heating model and only electricity cooling or heating model;
2. WithAir® PV Air-Cooled Heat Pump & Chiller take advantage of solar PV for cooling first, when the solar radiation is enough use electricity to be backup energy, cooling capacity change from 100% to 0%, accordingly, electricity power change from 0% to 100%;
3. Fouling factor for chilled water :0.086m²°C/kW;
4. The data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product.

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